Dear clients,
Dear friends,

A few weeks ago, we informed you that the Belgian health context did not allow us to receive you in the conditions essential to your comfort.

We hoped to be able to welcome you back in September in a lighter atmosphere than the one we had experienced the previous months.

It is clear that the accumulation of opposing directives has added confusion and the bad atmosphere has increased with new constraints.

As a result, what we thought was impractical in June became impossible in September. We have therefore decided to postpone our reopening to a time that we deem more favorable.

This choice was of course made in consultation with our staff, whose resilience commands respect, and whom I would like to thank here.

We will obviously keep you informed of the evolution according to the political or medical developments which now punctuate our common daily life. However, as it stands, we do not expect to see things improve anytime soon.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you again soon and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Olivier Schwennicke